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Experience beauty like never before with today's most Cutting-Edge beauty products.

Auronia case study

An Overview of GoldenScent

Dive into the world of beauty and explore the most up-to-date products from the best brands. Young, fashionable, and trendy millennials who know everything about the best new beauty products and techniques. Golden scent assists you to be ready for all the wonderful occasions in life so that you can fully appreciate them. Make the moments you’re living through extraordinary.

Make your beauty goals a reality by following the lead of the top regional beauty influencers and professionals and using their in-depth product recommendations and how-to cosmetic video lessons. Their slogan at Golden Scent is “The heart sees what the eyes can’t,” since they are completely infatuated with your beauty as they don’t use any type of harsh chemicals in their products.

You have an abundance of choice in the newest style, as new brands are introduced weekly from their handpicked local and international sources. There are over 800 international and local brands and over 20,000 products. Cosmetics are a great way to find your ideal beauty match. Aside from that, they guarantee 100% authenticity on their products, which increases your happiness while ordering.

auronia desktop mockup

“Coduzion has been very pleasant to work with. will be working with them again on the next project. They always take time to explain things which is important to me because I’m not that technical.”

Matias Altin auronia
Matias Altin Co-CEO & Co-Founder
ReactJS integration
Product configurator
Multi-store Layout
Module Development

We would like to draw your attention to the importance of our efforts.

We established the client's vision and website characteristics. We loved making a website that reflected them perfectly. The implementation of CRO, store setup, UI/UX design, faster page speed, custom checkout, an improved payment gateway, and a multi-store layout are some of the most important parts.

Project Summary

  • Enhanced speedy layout load through ReactJS integration
  • Customized pricing category setup
  • Product configurator with different stone options (One of its kind within the diamond industry)

This challenge triggered Market Enginuity to hire Coduzion®. Together, we created Best.






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