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Hire a Dedicated Magento Developer

In order to get your desired results, there is a dire need for custom development. Opting for a dedicated Magento developer will help you develop simple web development to complex custom solutions.

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    Proud Awards of Magento Developers

    Coduzion has been awarded with several awards that are highly recognized in the world of eCommerce. It is all the hard work of our experienced Magento developers who have made us a name in the industry.

    Adobe Magento

    Adobe Magento

    Adobe Magento

    Our Esteemed Clients

    We have an amazing list of clientele that have been with us on this journey for several years. With our hardworking developers, we expect to offer them eCommerce solutions in the coming future too.

    Why Should You Hire a Magento Developer from Coduzion?

    The Dedicated Magento Developers from Coduzion will work on your respective projects with all the necessary precautions and utmost security. We have a team of experienced certified Magento developers who will look after your project and make it a successful one! There are also higher chances of saving big on the cost of hiring in-house developers.


    Bug Free Development

    Our application comes along with a warranty of 30 days.

    On-Time Communication

    With a dedicated Magento developer, all the communication process will be done on time. None of your work will be lost due to a lack of communication.

    Day-to-Day Reporting

    We make sure to provide you with regular reporting. With this, you’ll have a proper idea of what’s going on in your project.

    Proper Working System

    At Coduzion, we treat your project as our own. So, all the risks that come along with the project become ours too.

    Dependable Security

    Our experienced Magento developers understand the importance of data security. We make sure all your project details are safe with us.

    Higher Returns

    Our Magento developers are experienced enough to work on your project efficiently and effectively too. With increased efficiency, the cost is obviously going to drop.

    Our Hiring Process

    Our hiring process is one of the most rigorous one. We at Coduzion make sure to provide you with the best candidates possible as per the project requirement.

    Raising a Query

    Once you raise a query, we will try to contact you to discuss the same.

    The Interview Process

    Time to start the interview process. You’ll have all the freedom to choose those candidates.

    Selecting the Perfect Fit

    Once you like the candidates, we will provide you with all the detailed information.

    Disbursement Procedure

    Once you finalize the candidates. It is the time to decide about the payment terms.

    Time to Appoint

    our team will work on setting up several communication channels like Slack or Trello.

    Hire Dedicated Developer

    Select your own developer for the project

    Hire developer from us and get our skillful developers at your fingertips, who are well-versed in new technologies and posses knowledge to deliver according to your requirements.

    Let's step up to hire a dedicated resource

    We are with our clients from beginning to end. Our main aim is to solve their problem with our timely solutions.

    Hiring plans

    Different Hiring models for different enterprise needs

    Fix Cost

    Cost Per Hours

    $12 hrs

    Minimum Days

    30 days


    Hours Per Day

    Flexible hrs/day

    Minimum Hours



    Hours Per Day

    9 hrs/day

    Minimum Hours


    Benefits with coduzion (if you hire talent from us)

    We accomplish benefits of our organization to hire dedicated developer

    Hire Magento Developers for Result-oriented Technology Services

    Here is an overview of our offered services

    Ecommerce Development

    Our dedicated Magento developers will be there for developing your eCommerce platform. Be it maintenance or anything else, we are there for our clients.

    Magento 2 development

    We build a strong eCommerce store for your business with the help of various features and modules of Magento.

    Migration to Magento

    Our team of Magento experts has experience migrating any eCommerce store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and ensuring its safety and strength.

    3rd party integration

    Magento provides you with several integrations of third-party APIs. We help you to leverage these APIs and integrate high-end third-party features with your online stores.

    Store Maintenance & Support

    We are quite budget-friendly and are dedicated to ensuring the smooth functioning of your Magento 1 or Magento 2 store.

    Magento extension development

    Our Magento developers hold expertise in picking the right extensions for your Magento-based website. We make sure to improve your user experience and boost your website speed.

    Upgrade Magento Version

    After a point of time, you’ll have to update your website to the latest Magento version. Our certified Magento developers will make this process easier and simpler for you.

    What are You Looking For? - A Team or A Dedicated Magento Developer

    Now, it’s upon you to decide whether you want to have a dedicated Magento developer or a team altogether. This decision must be taken after having a look at the needs of your business as a whole.

    What Do Our Clients Say About Coduzion?

    This is what some of our clients say,

    What Domains do Magento Developers Assist?

    When every domain requests a distinct digital presence, our eCommerce experts identify their USPs and deliver out-of-the-box solutions, all powered by Adobe Commerce Magento.

    FMCG Commerce

    Magento developers can work their magic on the FMCG commerce sector. We have proper expertise in creating eye-catching themes for your customers.

    Industrial Commerce

    We also provide Magento-related services to industrial commerce websites. Our developers will ensure that your website stands apart from others.

    Fitness Commerce

    Our Magento services can also be availed by the fitness commerce website. We try to make these websites fun and trendy.

    Engineering Goods

    If your business is into engineering goods, still you can opt for dedicated Magento developers. They will develop and look after your website.

    Fashion Commerce

    Magento developers can also help you if you have a fashion-related website. They will work in order to make your website full of colors.

    Healthcare Commerce

    Magento developers are quite important for healthcare commerce. Our developers will look after your website and ensure you get clients.

    Legal and Finance

    No matter if you’re into business related to legal and finance, you still appoint a dedicated Magento developer for smooth functioning.

    Automobiles Commerce

    Dedicated Magento developers can be of great help for your automobiles commerce. They will solve any problem you encounter.

    Celebrity Portfolio

    Be it a celebrity portfolio, Dedicated Magento developers will make sure you face no problems in your website.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Want to Know More? Go Through Our FAQs Below.

    At Coduzion, we have experienced Magento developers to solve all your complex problems. You will also get technical assistance all day long - 24*7. We are always focused on providing you with the best user experience on your eCommerce platform.

    Well, there is no perfect cost one can quote for Magento development. Everything depends on your project and its needs such as design, marketing, development, or maintenance.

    We also have our own team of experienced Magento developers. Suppose your needs are a bit different, then we might outsource developers for your website.

    The Magento developer must have the technical knowledge and critical thinking ability. Apart from that, there is a dire need for good communication skills. If one has Magento certifications, then it's good. Last but not least, the person must be professional and have SEO knowledge.

    The rates of Magento developers vary according to the experience they hold. But on average, an experienced Magento developer will cost around $65 to $150 per hour.

    Our Tech Awards

    Here are some of the awards that we are most proud of:

    Top Software Development Company 2020

    Top Software Development Company 2020

    Top Web Developers 2020

    Top Web Development Companies 2020

    Top Software Developers 2019

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