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Give your children the opportunity to dream by utilizing their Child safety program

About "How To Tell Your Child"

The name of the founder is Ms. Deepa, a proud mom of two little girls. The Vision behind starting this organization is to make every child aware of sexual abuse. The good thing is that they teach these lessons via Videos, Books, Child Safety Programme, Child Safety Champions, Online Counseling, and Worksheets for Parents and Teachers.

They also offer books on child safety lessons, puberty for girls, and puberty for boys. And they offer best-in-class learning, which makes those lessons look positive, empowering, and even fun to learn, and all they have to do is watch those video lessons. 

There are certain figures which we’re listing down that give you an idea that how the company is growing day-by-day; 5,40,557 people, established in 09 Countries, Collaborate with 129 Schools, 9418 parents, teachers, supporting staff, 2457 police, doctors, corporate, security guards, along with 248 counselors, instructors, volunteers.

Not recognizing the worth of our efforts is a mistake.

Our firm conceived and created the elements of the customer's website. Thanks to the insights supplied by our patrons, our staff was able to make all the necessary improvements to the website. Some examples of these modifications are Integrating Child safety programs for different cases, Integrating Counseling programs through subscriptions and Free sessions, and Integration programs across schools, ensuring Counseling plans are part of it.

Project Summary

  • Integrating Child safety programs for different cases
  • Integrating Counselling programs through subscriptions and Free session
  • Integration program across schools ensuring Counseling plans are part of it

This challenge triggered Market Enginuity to hire Coduzion®. Together, we created Best.