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Our clients say.


"It was impressive to see how all the changes translated into faster load times and the team was very knowledgeable."


"Team Coduzion has helped loading my site super quick, the conversion rate has improved and they are helping us maintain the site as well."


"Boasting extensive programming skills and a keen understanding of the Magento 2 platform, Coduzion Technologies continues to provide fast and effective e-commerce support for the client. They remain communicative and timely to ensure an efficient and productive workflow."


"Coduzion has been very pleasant to work with. will be working with them again on the next project. They always takes time to explain things which is important to me because I'm not that technical."

California, USA

"Coduzion has helped us with eCommerce setup at the start of our journey and they are supportive and helpful in completing all of our custom needs."

United Kingdom

"Coduzion helped us setting up customized Rug Algorythm on our product page, this helped our productivity and sales by two fold. Customers are able to purchase quicker and efficiently without any Customer service staff for all selections."


"It was impressive to see how all the changes translated into faster load times and the team was very knowledgeable."

New Delhi, India

"Coduzion Technologies provided high-quality services for the client. In addition, they had an effective workflow and personalized project approach throughout the engagement. Overall, the client was pleased with their quality of work."

Sydney, Australia

"Coduzion Technologies successfully delivered a high-quality project in a timely manner. The team communicated well through skype and kept the timeline achieved to meet the client's expectations. They were accessible and responsive in the workflow."

Chicago, Illinois

"Coduzion Technologies consistently delivers excellent results in a short amount of time. They clearly understand required technologies and create efficient modules. Overall, the team has been seamlessly managing the project, providing well-detailed information in a timely manner."

South Africa

"The company's website has begun functioning faster than expected since the Coduzion Technologies team implemented the necessary changes. The team was described as transparent and effective in their operations and the company would recommend their services."

Brooklyn, New York

"Coduzion Technologies delivered and completed the project on time. The team communicated via Skype during the development. The client was overall impressed by the team's ability to handle various tasks throughout."


"Thanks to Coduzion Technologies' development prowess, the client secured a functional and convenient website in a timely manner. As a result, the bounce rate was decreased substantially. The team exhibited effective communication to provide progress updates and feedback."

Chicago, Illinois

"The team has completed the project, thanks to Coduzion Technologies. They had effective communication that helped in delivering the end client's requirements. The client was overall happy with the collaboration after all."

Los Angeles, California

"Coduzion Technologies delivered the site the way the client needed and wanted. They carefully listened with the requests and communicated through Zoom, Gmail, and Skype."

California, USA

"Thanks to the redesign services that the Coduzion Technologies team provided for them, the company was able to measure an improvement in the number of subscriptions for their clients. The company was most impressed with the team's ability to accommodate tight deadlines."

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