Top 5 Shopify Conversion Apps for Amplifying Your Sales

7 Min December 6, 2023

You’ve created your own store on Shopify. Listed all the amazing products your business has to offer. Researched and added all the great features to make your Shopify ecommerce store attractive for users.

But guess what?

Despite putting in your time, brains, effort, and a lot of calories, the number of customers doesn’t seem to grow at all. As if someone has stuck it with an adhesive tape!


Does the scenario sound familiar?

It’s nothing but the case of weak Shopify conversion optimization. You can get out of this weak spot using some of the best conversion apps Shopify.

The good news is you’re not the only one facing this problem.

According to a recent market study, out of all the ecommerce businesses on Shopify, only around 22% are happy and satisfied with their current conversion rate figures.



What is the Shopify Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate, also called Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO, is the successful completion of the business’s desired actions by visitors on its website.

These actions could make up the micro goals of your business, such as signing up for your newsletter, following you on social media, or joining your online community. Or it can be the macro goal of getting the visitors to purchase your products/services.

Put simply, the conversion rate on Shopify refers to the actions you may want your prospects to take on your online store.

Calculating Conversion Rate:

Now, presume your Shopify store gets 200 visitors every day from all over the world. But not all of them end up becoming your customers. Only 20 out of those 200 people, let’s say, subscribe to your mailing list and/or buy your products or services.

So, what would be your conversion rate in this case?

Use the following formula to calculate CRO:

Conversion Rate = Total Number of Conversions / Total Number of Visitors * 100

In our example above, the conversion rate would be 10% using this formula.

Okay. But how much Conversion Rate is good, you ask?

Let’s find out.

What is the Average Shopify Conversion Rate?

According to recent research by LittleData, the average conversion rate ecommerce businesses obtain on the Shopify platform is 1.3%.

The study also says that if the conversion rate of your online store on Shopify falls between the range of 0.2% – 3.2%, you belong to the average CRO benchmark. Anything above 3.2% puts your business in the league of leading 20% on the platform. And if your CRO surpasses 4.8%, you’re in the spot of the top 10%.

Needless to say, having a CRO below 0.2% means bad news. And you have to go all out to boost your conversion rate optimization on Shopify.

But wait.

Why Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization is Important?

Focusing on improving your CRO Shopify brings in a host of benefits:

  • Clarity about your target audience

A major part of Shopify CRO strategy includes knowing who your customers are. The more you know them, the better you get at understanding their requirements. That, in turn, helps you chart out strategies that increase the odds of conversions.

  • Better customer experience

As you start understanding who your target audience is and what are their requirements and expectations, you channel your efforts into fulfilling them. It may be simplified navigation or a welcome pop-up when they land on your website. Such small things enhance customer experience significantly, encouraging them to hit that Buy button.

  • An increase in the number of buyers

Enhanced experience on your online store increases the consumers’ trust in your business. That leads to greater chances of converting even a first-time visitor into a buyer. The continued positive ecommerce shopping experience instills a sense of loyalty, earning you more returning customers.

  • Reduced consumer acquisition costs

As a business owner, you may already know that acquiring new customers is typically more expensive than retaining the existing ones.

So, when you focus on refining your CRO funnel, you are trying to convert your existing website visitors, both first-time and frequent visitors, into paying customers. That brings down your acquisition costs considerably. And you can divert those finances into other marketing efforts, such as paid social media campaigns or retargeting ads.

  • A boost in your sales

As improved CRO strategies get you more customers, it’s natural for your sales figures to go up, meeting your revenue targets.

5 Best Shopify Conversion Apps

  1. Shopify Social Login

One of the most common reasons behind abandoned carts is often a lengthy registration process. Thankfully, there are apps like Social Login for resolution of this primary concern efficiently.

With Social Login, you can provide your website visitors with the privilege of one-tap logins and sign-ups through popular social channels, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Amazon. One tap and the users can register successfully and complete their purchases with utmost security.

To make it even simpler, the app automatically detects the saved Google logins on users’ browsers. That eliminates the need to enter the credentials manually.

Such user-friendly, automated experiences while shopping boosts Shopify Conversion rate significantly. All while increasing the customers’ trust in your brand.

Key features:

  • Simple to setup
  • One-tap login/signup using popular channels like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon & Google
  • Seamless collection of critical data
  • Customization options
  • Streamlined checkout process
  • Enhanced shopping experience

Ratings on Shopify: 5.0


Social Login offers a Standard plan that costs $1.49 per month. There are 14-day free trial.

  1. Instafeed

As per a Statista report, monthly active users on Instagram have crossed a whopping 2 billion. Now, that’s a number you can’t ignore, especially as an ecommerce business owner.

It’s not only important for you to be present on Instagram as a Shopify store but also let your website visitors know of your presence. With Instafeed, you can do that with ease.

As the name suggests, Instafeed is designed to pull your Instagram content into your online store on Shopify automatically. No manual photo updates are needed. The app can showcase your most recent feed on its own as a slider or a grid, whatever looks great with your overall design. In under a minute!

In the age of social media, Instafeed adds social proof to your business, which you probably can’t ignore. The fresh feed will help turn visitors into customers while boosting your followers on the photo-sharing app at the same time.

Key features:

  • Custom appearance
  • Easy of use
  • Hassle-free integration
  • Automated Instagram feed
  • Shoppable Instagram feed
  • Possibility to filter posts based on hashtags
  • Mobile compatibility

Ratings on Shopify: 4.9


Instafeed comes in a Free, Pro, and Plus plan. The Pro plan costs $6 per month, and the Plus plan is available for $19 a month.

  1. ReConvert

For online stores, missing any opportunity to upsell or cross-sell their products/services translates into lost revenue. But with apps like ReConvert, you can easily skip to the good part.

ReConvert simplifies upselling through its powerful set of features, letting you boost your AOV (Average Order Value).

You can gather valuable customer data, such as birthdays, run surveys, and collect customer feedback. Then, use that data to build strategic landing pages that are in line with the CRO best practices.

All you need to do is, create discounted, one-click, bundle, or post-purchase upsells. And add those to your Shopify store’s thank you page or checkout page.

The entire process is so smooth and hassle-free that Shopify users have given ReConvert 4.9/5 stars.

What’s more? The app offers customizable templates and robust analytics to sustain your distinct brand identity & goals.

Key features:

  • Easy of use
  • Customizable templates
  • Multiple widget options
  • Order tracking
  • One-click upsell, cross-sell, and bundle upsell
  • Selleasy segmentation
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Seamless integrations with other tools


Ratings on Shopify: 4.9


Free plan available for Development Stores. Other monthly plans include Basic available at $4.99, Premium at $7.99, and Premium Pro at $14.99.


One of the best ways to improve your conversion rate optimization on Shopify is through social proof. The classic “Show, don’t tell” concept. And helps you do exactly that. is a product review app available on Shopify. It allows you to collect product reviews from your customers and showcase the same on your website. Either in the form of star ratings or detailed reviews with a mix of text, images and even videos.

The best part? The app offers widget options, including carousels, to complement your store’s distinct layout. Moreover, the product reviews can also pop up on Google Shopping.

Showcasing such genuine reviews from customers builds organic trust in your business, attracting more buyers and, thus, more business.

Key features:


  • Easy installation
  • Customizable widgets
  • Text, image, and video reviews
  • Review sharing on social media
  • Automated emails to collect reviews
  • Hassle-free auto-imports from other apps
  • Supports 38 languages
  • Email marketing integrations
  • 24/7 support


Ratings on Shopify: 5.0

Pricing: offers two plans: Free Forever and Awesome. The latter costs $15 a month.

  1. Klaviyo

Having a lot of data turns meaningless if you can’t put it to use for personalized, strategic marketing. Thankfully, Klaviyo exists to automate your marketing efforts and eventually increase Shopify conversion rate.

Klaviyo, an email marketing & SMS app, can effectively centralize your data from over 300 integrations. Not just that, the app makes it even simpler to use the data to carry out personalized, targeted, and automated marketing campaigns – all from its single platform.

The best part? It works across channels, including SMSs, emails, forms, and reviews. The app also helps make the most of the mobile push notifications for user retention & engagement.

That way, you can experiment, as well as continue, what works best for your business. All while communicating with your users where they want to communicate, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Key features:

  • Simple to use
  • Seamless centralization of data across platforms
  • Easy integrations
  • Automated, targeted, and custom marketing
  • Ready-to-use, customizable templates
  • Multi-channel support
  • User segmentation
  • Ability to track & retrieve dynamic data
  • Custom reports

Ratings on Shopify: 3.9


Klaviyo is available in three plans: Free, Email, and SMS.

The Free plan works for stores with a maximum of 500 contacts for emails and 150 for SMSs.

For businesses with 501 to 1000 contacts, the Email plan costs $30 per month.

The SMS plan costs $15 per month for credits up to 1250 SMS/MMS. You can upgrade the plans as your business grows.

Final Thoughts

Starting a Shopify store is only half the battle won. You constantly have to sweat it out (in the gym & in front of your screen) to improve your Shopify conversion rate optimization consistently.

Having said that, you must consider the fact that every ecommerce business is different. And so are its requirements and goals. While what works for a sports equipment brand may not work for a food business.

That’s where choosing your CRO strategies and apps makes a huge difference. You’ve to continually analyze what is working and what is not and compare it against your requirements. The clarity helps you opt for the right Shopify conversion apps at the right time, which, in turn, helps maximize your sales & revenue.


How to improve Shopify Conversion Rate?

Increasing conversion rate on Shopify is possible with the help of additional apps for your store. And thankfully, there are plenty of those. For instance, you can go for a product review app to add customer reviews on your site. Or use an email marketing app to maximize your newsletter marketing.

What is the average Shopify Conversion Rate?

The standard Conversion Rate for Shopify stores stands at 1.4%, according to a recent report.

whats a good shopify conversion rate

The good CRO range for a Shopify store is considered to be 0.2% to 3.2%.

Why should I improve Conversion Rate for my online store?

Improving CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization for your ecommerce business helps you attract more customers, enhances customer experience, increases the order value, and boosts revenues.

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