The company specializes in HIGH-QUALITY products designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

About Hotelitems

In 1986, Armando and Susana, a husband-and-wife partnership, set out to realize the American Dream of starting and running a successful business empire. From Miami to Key West, Armando would pack his household van full of hotel linens and drive around to the many little hotels and motels, hawking his wares. 

Susana was responsible for interacting with customers and locating products. Over time, they got more and more customers by sticking to their policy of always offering the best prices and service. 

After finishing college in 1996, Armando Jr. joined the family firm and pushed it into the modern era while continuing the tradition of reasonable prices and prioritizing the needs of the client. Visitors may reach there in less than 30 minutes from both Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport from their location in Hialeah, Florida, USA.

It’s foolish to discount the value of our efforts.

We met the client's website objectives. Our team enjoyed making a beautiful website and doing things that clients asked for, like adding customized bulk pricing, TargetBay reviews, dynamic bulk product packaging, and a warehouse management system.

Project Summary

  • Custom Bulk Pricing Mechanism
  • TargetBay Reviews Integration
  • Dynamic Bulk Product Packaging and Warehouse Management System

This challenge triggered Market Enginuity to hire Coduzion®. Together, we created Best