Image Hotspot (Lookbook Gallery) Shopify App

Image Hotspot (Lookbook Gallery) Shopify App


    About Image Hotspot (Lookbook) Shopify App

    Simplify shopping with our shoppable galleries for your Shopify store!
    It’s not enough to just list your products on your Shopify store. You have to showcase them in a way your prospects and customers can’t resist clicking the Buy Now button. How to do that? Enter the Lookbook Shopify app.

    The app offers three ways you can craft stylish image galleries and product lookbooks:

    • Product Tagging: Tag multiple products in a single image to provide a wholesome, curated shopping experience. Add details like product name and pricing, which, when clicked, takes users to individual product pages. It not only engages users and improves their experience but also offers a smoother, faster shopping experience.


    • Add Links: Include direct links to specific pages right from your image lookbook. You can link your products, categories, portfolio, or even blog posts. That way, it becomes easier for users to navigate your Shopify store, access information, or complete a desired action.


    • Image Gallery: Showcase beautiful galleries on multiple pages of your Shopify store all at the same time. There are different layouts to choose from with a range of aesthetic mouseover effects to up the overall look of your page.  


    The Lookbook Gallery app is ideal for businesses in the apparel, shoes, accessories, jewelry, homeware, furniture, and electronics niche. In fact, any business into consumer items can benefit from the app’s accentuated shopping functionality. You can also present your Instagram feed on a webpage without any hassles using this app.

    For Customers:

    Customers can directly access product pages straight from a tag, make a purchase, or get additional information they need instantly. No need to scroll too much or perform searches to find their favorite products


    For You (The Store Owner):

    The app elevates your store’s user interface while offering seamless browsing and shopping experience. That helps boost user engagement, consumer loyalty, and conversions.


    • Static, boring image placements 
    • Ordinary layouts for landing pages
    • Slow loading time with multiple galleries
    • Inconsistency across laptops, mobiles, and tabs
    • No room for individual CTA
    • High quality images and multiple videos


    • Customized, breathtaking Image hotspots
    • Shoppable Lookbook galleries
    • Direct links to products, services, or categories
    • Multi-product tagging in an image 
    • Unlimited Lookbooks for your store
    • No impact on website speed or loading time
    • Consistent across laptops, mobiles, and tabs
    • Allows individual CTA

    Try It Before You Buy It!

    Free 14-day Trial.

    Monthly Plan

    $2.99/per month
    • 3 Types of Lookbooks
    • Unlimited Product Tagging
    • Unlimited Galleries & Image hotspot
    • Unlimited Views
    • Multiple layouts Options 
    • Premium Templates
    • 24/7 Live Chat Support

    Select Monthly Plan

    Yearly Plan

    $29.99/per year
    • 3 Types of Lookbooks
    • Unlimited Product Tagging
    • Unlimited Galleries & Image hotspot
    • Unlimited Views
    • Multiple layouts Options 
    • Premium Templates
    • 24/7 Live Chat Support

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    Pipsqueak Productions United States

    January 23, 2024

    January 1, 2024
    Allows me to create unlimited lookbook versions on my category and landing pages. User friendly and fulfils my purpose. The support team has been extremely swift with minor updates I requested.


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