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Estimated Delivery Date Magento 2 Extension

Coduzion’s Magento 2 Delivery Date Extension ensures accurate delivery dates, prominently displayed on product pages. Provide delivery comments, and set additional charges for optimized options. Improve customer satisfaction and enhance overall shopping experience.

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Magento Version 2.4.5, 2.4.4-p1, 2.4.4, 2.4.3-p3, 2.3.7-p4, 2.3.7



Coduzion’s Magento 2 Delivery Date Extension ensures accurate delivery dates, prominently displayed on product pages. Provide delivery comments, and set additional charges for optimized options. Improve customer satisfaction and enhance overall shopping experience.

  • Accurate delivery dates for customer satisfaction
  • Prominent display of shipping dates on product pages
  • Personalized experience for customers
  • Delivery comments for excellent customer service
  • Display additional charges for optimized delivery options
Magento Version 2.4.5, 2.4.4-p1, 2.4.4, 2.4.3-p3, 2.3.7-p4, 2.3.7
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Build Trust and Create Urgency to Boost your Sales with our Estimated Delivery Date Magento Extension

Coduzion’s Estimated Delivery Date Magento extension is designed to revolutionize your customer’s shopping experience. This feature-rich extension provides accurate delivery estimates, creating a sense of trust and urgency for your customers. Displaying estimated shipping dates prominently on product pages enhances transparency and allows customers to make informed purchase decisions. By addressing the common problem of uncertain delivery times, this extension instills confidence and reduces customer drop-offs. With delivery comments field, you can provide personalized service while optimizing your operations. Don’t let delivery uncertainty hinder your business upgrade to our Magento Estimated Order Delivery Date extension for an enhanced user experience and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Accurate delivery date calculation based on shipping and processing times, ensuring reliable estimates.
  • Estimated delivery prominently displayed on product pages, creating transparency and urgency.
  • Better user experience for customers by offering transparent order delivery dates
  • Delivery comments field allows customers to provide specific instructions or preferences for their orders.
  • Configurable holidays and non-working days consideration for accurate order Elevate Your delivery date calculations.
  • Support for multiple shipping methods, catering to various customer preferences and requirements.
  • Seamless integration with the Magento 2 platform for easy installation and smooth operation.


As per a study, around 45% of shoppers abandon their shopping carts due to unclear or unsatisfactory delivery options. Moreover, another research reveals that for 79% of consumers, accurate delivery dates are crucial to their online shopping experience. Failing to provide these basics can drive consumers away from your online store, leading to loss of revenues and goodwill.


  • Reduced cart abandonment rate
  • Improved customer engagement
  • A boost in conversion and sales
  • A significant boost in consumers’ trust in your brand
  • Increased transparency in the overall shopping experience

Elevate Your Shopping Experience: Embrace the Exciting Possibilities of a Enhanced eCommerce Journey with Our Extension.

Improve your customer’s shopping experience with the Magento Estimated Delivery Date extension. Easily track and plan your orders with accurate order delivery dates, creating trust and a sense of urgency. This extension not only streamlines operations for your online store but also improves transparency for both internal & external stakeholders. Moreover, it decreases user enquiries by providing vital shipping details up front. That, as a whole, facilitates a positive shopping experience, boosting consumer confidence in your brand significantly. Deliver an exceptional experience with timely and transparent delivery information.

Streamline orders, build trust, and create urgency with our Delivery Date Extension!

Save time and effort

Save time and effort by clearly displaying delivery dates, reducing customer questions and frustrations.

Provide transparency

Provide transparency and peace of mind with real-time, reliable order delivery details

Build trust by showcasing delivery dates

Build trust by showcasing dependable delivery dates, encouraging customers to complete their purchases promptly

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Display messages for various pages:

This extension shows you the estimated delivery date right where you need it – on the product page, browsing collections, your shopping cart, and even at checkout.

Maintain your delivery schedule:

We know weekends are for relaxing, not waiting for deliveries! This feature automatically adjusts estimated delivery dates to show weekdays when your order will arrive, considering Weekdays and Holidays.

Design a message according to your theme:

Make your delivery date messages stand out! This lets you change the look completely with different fonts, colors, and backgrounds.

Send delivery commitments through email:

Keep customers in the loop! Sending a delivery message in order confirmation email that shows you care. Small touch that builds trust and lets them know exactly when to expect their goodies.

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  • Jul 16 2023
    Excellent Support and Accurate Delivery Dates

    The Estimated Delivery Date Message Magento 2 extension from Coduzion is a fantastic addition to my e-commerce store. Not only does it provide accurate delivery date information to my customers, but the support from Coduzion has been exceptional. They were responsive and helped me with any issues I encountered during installation. The extension has greatly enhanced the user experience on my website, instilling trust and improving customer satisfaction. The coding quality is also top-notch, ensuring smooth functionality. Highly recommend this extension for its excellent support, user experience, and coding quality.

    Benjamin Anderson

    Verified Purchaser

  • Jul 2 2023
    Good extension

    This extension offers a wide range of possibilities. With numerous products featuring varying delivery dates, customers can now easily track the expected delivery date on the product page, in the shopping cart, and in the order confirmation.


    Verified Purchaser

  • Jun 25 2023
    Seamless User Experience and Top-notch Support

    They promptly addressed my inquiries and provided step-by-step guidance throughout the process. The coding quality of the extension is commendable, ensuring smooth integration and reliable performance. I highly recommend this extension for its seamless user experience, exceptional support, and excellent coding quality.

    Olivia Johnson

    Verified Purchaser

  • Jun 11 2023
    Impressive Support and Reliable Delivery Date Updates

    I am thoroughly impressed with the support provided by Coduzion for the Estimated Delivery Date Message Magento 2 extension. They were quick to respond to my questions and guided me through the installation process with expertise.

    Ethan Thompson

    Verified Purchaser

  • Jun 10 2023
    Très bonne extension

    Je cherchais un module Magento pour afficher les délais de livraison sur mes fiches produits et email de confirmation de commande. Cette extension est parfaite. Merci à l'équipe de Coduzion pour cet excellent module.


    Verified Purchaser

  • May 1 2023
    swift help

    I encountered some difficulties when trying to enable this plugin in my store, but Keval provided fantastic assistance in resolving the issue. Much appreciated!


    Verified Purchaser

  • Apr 30 2023
    Works as expected

    The app works great for what we required.


    Verified Purchaser

  • Mar 5 2023
    Required module

    Nicely implemented functionality with shipment on the required date.


    Verified Purchaser

  • Feb 28 2023
    The ultimate choice!

    This extension is absolutely fantastic! Following unsuccessful tests of various other solutions, this one finally resolved the issues for my store. The app seamlessly accommodates any date format and empowers you to efficiently manage your delivery resources. Highly recommended!

    Mark N.

    Verified Purchaser

  • Feb 12 2023
    Thank You Team

    I can say one of the best extension for my multi-store website, it's work smooth because of provide the best support.


    Verified Purchaser

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Change Log

Version 1.0.0
04 January, 2023
Initial Launch with the stable version


What is the estimated delivery date?
Estimated delivery date is the approximate date of delivery for the products you order online from any of an eCommerce store.
What is the estimated delivery date extension in Magento 2?
Estimated delivery date Magento extension is one type of tool that can display accurate delivery dates, clear and prominent, right on the product pages. That helps improve customer satisfaction and enhance their overall shopping experience.
How to integrate the delivery date functionality in Magento store?
The integration of the Magento 2 Delivery Date Extension is simple. Just follow the steps mentioned in the extension’s how-to guide and it will be up and running in no time.