A 7-day long festival in Costa Rica, Envision is a catalyst for a vibrant community to be inspired & grow through music, art, education, and more.

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About Envision Festival

Envision is a world-renowned festival that first took place in 2011. The mission of the festival is to offer a transformative experience to its global attendees – from exposing them to a new way of living and novel forms of inspiration to providing tools to incorporate changes in their lives. There is something to explore for everyone. The best thing? Everything about the festival centers around and celebrates nature to inspire change.

The festival, thoughtfully nestled between the sea and the jungle, offers a fascinating lineup of 150 changemakers & artists, immersive workshops, yoga and movement classes, and spiritual knowledge & practices.

The primary pillars driving the Envision Festival are Sustainability, Health, Movement, Education, Art, Music, and Spirituality. The festival has been featured by popular media outlets, including Forbes, Billboard, Rollingstone, BuzzFeed and Lonely Planet.

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Event Booking
Management Tools

Seamless accessibility translates into an engaged audience.

For a grand event like the Envision Festival, an immersive experience lies at its core. Offline as well as online. As we climbed onto this exciting project, we were determined to showcase the seamless transformative journey they provide on their platform. Our solution, thus, focused on a powerful Event Booking & Management System that takes the complexities out of online bookings. Additionally, we designed Parking and Meals Management, along with the Artist Management and Payroll System, for an overall smoother experience. To take the stage events a notch higher, our support included YouTube and Soundcloud LIVE integration.

Project Summary

  • Event Booking Management system
  • Artist Management and Payroll
  • Parking & Meals Management
  • YouTube and Soundcloud LIVE integration for stage events

This challenge triggered Market Enginuity to hire Coduzion®. Together, we created Best.