IronEdge delivers innovative instruction to help athletes get the most out of their high-quality exercise equipment.


About IronEdge

When it comes to trends, Iron Edge isn’t easily convinced. Only goods that have been scientifically proven to help athletes are carried in our store. The final choice shows how strength training has changed over the course of more than a century. In the 1920s, amazing strongmen used kettlebells. Now, we have the Matrix, the Torsonator, and the Battling Ropes. We have hundreds of goods in store, and each one may serve a purpose in your workout regimen.

Iron Edge has been Australia’s most popular place for high-performance resistance training for the past 12 years. We set out to change how athletes train by giving them more options in a way that was easier to use. You’ll discover every kind of exercise tool imaginable, from the time-tested Kettlebell to the cutting-edge Torsonator and fighting ropes. There are already one hundred goods available for use in anyone’s training regimen.

Training is the only real solution, not some of the fads that float around the fitness industry. Iron Edge has worked with a number of well-known Australian athletes, such as national champions, Australian Football League players, and members of the Australian military. Our gym, our workshops, and the goods we offer are all devoted to a single purpose.

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Let’s not minimize the significance of our efforts we put in

We take great pleasure in the quality and uniqueness of our designs and materials. We partnered with IronEdge to strengthen the tech stack, which includes things like a conversion rate optimization (CRO) solution, page quality enhancement, 3D gym customization, brand monitoring, and website layout.

Project Summary

  • Customized Magento 2 Theme
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  • ERP integration with LIVE inventory
  • Optimized and customer-centric website layout

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