Be your best self by eating healthy and reaching your objectives! Change improves life, not chance.

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About FitFood4U

After realizing that we all tend to eat what’s easiest, despite the fact that this isn’t usually the healthiest option, we set out on a new path in June of 2017. Therefore, we made the purposeful decision to educate the public about the need to watch what they eat so that they may have better, more productive lives in the future.

We lost almost all of their existing customers in the transition, but we felt it was necessary. After seeing 90 percent of your earnings go over the course of two months, you have to wonder whether you made the correct choice.

That they have established themselves as a reliable source of nutritious food is something they take great pride in. By providing them with nutritious, well-balanced meals, they have assisted countless people in regaining control of their health and weight. That’s the lifestyle they’re now selling and promoting to their neighbors and friends.

Not recognizing the worth of our efforts is a mistake

We conceived and developed the features of the client's website. With the help of the customer's feedback, our team was able to make all of the necessary changes to the website, such as Facebook quick order chat integration, customized meal plan purchase functionality, and at last, a monthly and yearly meal plan subscription feature as well.

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Project Summary

  • Facebook Quick Order Chat Integration
  • Customized Meal Plan Purchase Functionality
  • Monthly, Yearly Meal Plan Subscription Feature

This challenge triggered Market Enginuity to hire Coduzion®. Together, we created Best.