Coduzion stands out in utilizing Magento eCommerce (Adobe Commerce Cloud) development capabilities to craft customized online stores that drive unparalleled success. Our profound expertise ensures clients reap the rewards of top-rated eCommerce solutions, effectively boosting sales and delivering unparalleled customer experiences. With a keen focus on innovation and precision, we navigate the intricate landscape of Magento (Adobe Commerce Cloud) technology to provide tailored solutions that truly elevate online businesses to their zenith.

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Unearthing Coduzion's Project Innovations

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In our major projects, we customized Magento’s core themes to match what clients expectations, based on thorough UX research about how users like to shop online. The tough part was understanding what different people like and need in a website.

We dug deep into how users experience websites to make sure the themes we created not only met but exceeded expectations. By addressing these challenges, we successfully transformed the online shopping journey, ensuring that our clients’ brand identities were seamlessly integrated into the heart of their e-commerce platforms.


Developed a link between eCommerce & mobile technology. Our challenge was to synchronize data, ensure real-time updates & provide a user-friendly interface. As result achived seamless eCommerce experience where customers could easily switch between web & mobile. They could place orders, track deliveries, and access personalized content on the go.

Our integrated solution transformed the shopping ecosystem, creating a dynamic and efficient platform for our clients.


To integrate Price Calculator with Rug products was an innovative challenge of the Magento 2 project.

Precision & real-time updates were crucial as we tackled the task of accurately pricing rugs based on material and size variations. The result was a user-friendly feature that empowered customers to customize their rugs, instantly receiving accurate prices.


Scoring above 90 in Google Page Speed for our Magento 2 projects was a significant achievement. Overcoming Magento 2’s inherent complexity and performance challenges, we optimized code, employed caching, and fine-tuned media. The result was a lightning-fast, seamless shopping experience that impressed customers and search engines alike, showcasing our dedication to e-commerce excellence.


In our Magento 2 projects, we achieved a significant feat by adding Auto Complete Search with AI-powered suggestions. Overcoming the inherent complexity of the platform was a challenge, especially when it came to delivering quick search results. We optimized our queries, improved how the database worked, and made sure that suggestions were both real-time and personalized.

The result? A super-fast search feature with AI recommendations that made shopping online more enjoyable. This showcased our dedication to making e-commerce work more efficiently.

Proficiency lies in



Develop Scalable Store

Unbreakable Architecture

Multi-Store Managment

Flexible APIs


Leveraging 3rd Party Boosters



Ecommerce Structure Analysis

Extension consulting

Quality Assurance

Customer Experience Strategy

Performance Analytics

Operational Advisory



Theme Customization & Development

Front-end on React/Vue.Js

PageSpeed Improvement

Bringing UX research to Theme

UX Research & Development

Checkout experience optimization

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As a Magento development company we create custom solutions that are a perfect fit. We've got your back, from the initial consultation to the product delivery. We work closely with you to make sure every aspect reflects your vision. Expect openness and transparency at every turn. Our top priority is seeing you succeed. Our agile methodologies will keep your projects on track. Using scrum techniques, we respond quickly to your changing needs. To create the magic, we employ the newest tools.

Proficiency lies in

Conceptualize Collaborate Create Celebrate

"We turn digital dreams into e-commerce realities, one click at a time. - Chirag Bhavsar"

Documenting our Mini-Wins in Magento Developments

Navigating tech intricacies at Coduzion is hassle-free. Our company's microsolutions simplify every aspect of the process.


  • Theme Development based on UX research

  • Custom Theme Development

  • Responsive Design

  • Headless front

  • Cross-browser compatibility

  • Performance Optimization

  • Accessibility

  • UX Design & Checkout


  • Magento Migrations & Updates

  • SEO-Friendly Magento 2 Pages

  • Custom Magento development

  • Magento extension development

  • Magento Testing

  • API Development

  • Upgrade service

  • Marketplace Development

  • B2B & B2C Store Development

  • Magento Multistore


  • Mobile App Integration

  • CRM & ERP integration

  • CMS Development & Integration

  • Marketing automation

  • Marketplace Sync

  • Payment Modules

  • AI & Search

  • ZOHO, Salesforce, Amazon & more.

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