Headless Commerce – Meaning and Benefits For Your Business

3 Min July 28, 2021

From IoT devices to PWAs (progressive web apps), consumers are getting accustomed to absorbing content and making purchases via various platforms. 

With the introduction of smart voice assistants, Amazon dash buttons, and in-store interfaces, shoppers have new ways to explore the product information, check out the reviews, and place orders. 

For those eCommerce brands that still feel clueless about finding ways to build back-end solutions without their own IoT devices, here is your answer.

It is Headless Commerce – to simplify it means headless content management.

Now, let us delve deep into what is headless commerce and what are the unique benefits that make it so popular and commendable.

What is Headless Commerce and how does it work?

In simple terms, headless commerce separates the front end and back end of a website with an intent to let them operate independently. In this manner, changes on one end do not reciprocate on the other.

Both parts – back end and front end, work together simultaneously with the use of APIs.

Companies migrating to headless commerce get capable to create and publish changes seamlessly on the front end without applying code to the back end.

For eg: Mobify hosts, renders, scales, monitors, and secures your customer-facing site. While the backend functionality includes payment processing, order capturing, PCI compliance, content management, etc.

The backend functionality can be called on via APIs from platforms such as salesforce commerce cloud, Oracle, Amplience, or Adobe. By joining these two pieces together via an API, you get a headless commerce solution.

The headless commerce architecture uses APIs to pull information anywhere including wearables, car commerce, IoT devices, Kiosks, Apps running on any platform, social networks, and much more.

Let us move on to the broader benefits of headless commerce that shall help you to choose headless commerce over traditional commerce.

Benefits of Headless Commerce to Company and Customers.

Personalization & Customization

Headless commerce enables independent creations of customized UX and helps to shape up your brand’s identity without sticking to the standard templates.

Research experts reveal that customers value the experience the company gives as equal to the products and services.

When the front end and back ends are separated, companies can quickly focus their resources on customer experience without hampering other critical business systems.

Speed & Agility

To remain in competition with the ever-changing world, brands need to be speedy and agile.

Headless commerce facilitates you to adapt to the market changes at a faster pace and implement new UX changes. Also, it becomes important to add new functionality without the need of changing the backend logic.

Some of the leading eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento allows you to sell and promote on social media with great ease.

Now setting up a brand new international site is easily possible within a few weeks with the help of headless commerce.

Omnichannel Digital Strategy

Headless commerce is bestowed with the capability to deliver your content everywhere and anywhere.

Like in eCommerce, products, videos, or informative blog posts can be shared on any platform.

Through headless commerce. you are allowed to add new touchpoints easily without building a business case for a new backend. You would not need to add a new front-end every time.

This enables to open newer possibilities via integration, and helps break down silos in user operations.

Better Conversion Optimization

While using headless commerce, it becomes possible for you to try various templates and approaches.

In simple terms, you can experiment at the back-end whilst running the same front-end search.

Consequently, continuous tests and optimization of cycles gradually help to get a better understanding of customer behaviours. This upscales your learning curve more than the retailers

Integration Brings Quick Solutions

Omni-channel commerce backed by headless commerce gives an integrated solution to several problems.

As the back end and front end systems are integrated, your data flows bi-directionally without the need for manual human entries.

As a result, data integration happens and helps to present your operations effectively and allows you to fulfil the orders at a greater speed.

Headless commerce can be integrated with Magento 2 using PWA or any other headless technology stack.

The Decoupled Future of Commerce

Headless architecture has empowered the designers and developers to acquire expertise and specialization in their own skills arena.

Designers can focus on improvisation for gaining customer engagement and conversions. While developers can prioritize enhancing the back end.

Soon, headless commerce shall be the most sought after technology looked up by businesses and startups to build their own headless applications.

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