Types of eCommerce Audit and its Benefits

6 Min February 25, 2022

One of the most important things for an eCommerce business is nothing but auditing. An audit provides you with an analysis of the overall performance of a business. Apart from that, it also gives detailed information on several issues with your eCommerce business.

Ecommerce auditing is something that helps you in making some important changes to your website. These changes will make your website stand out in the online competition.

Besides this, you will get a clear understanding of your website is working as per your assumptions or not. Suppose, if you avoid the process of auditing, there are chances that you might miss a number of sales opportunities coming your way otherwise.

What is an eCommerce Audit?

The term eCommerce audit refers to choosing the most important area of your business. These areas include UX (user experience), SEO (Search engine optimization,) and CRO (Conversion rate. Conducting an eCommerce audit will provide you with results that will show all your drawbacks. With this, you’ll be able to draft a plan for moving forward effectively. 

Well, you can always rely on in-house audits, but third-party assessments are considered to be more impactful. Anyone who has thorough technical knowledge will provide you with fathomless value. The reason behind this is their experience of working among various platforms and industries. Last but not least, as they are not close to your business, they can see the issues that you can’t. 

Why is eCommerce Audit Important?

For anyone who owns an eCommerce business, auditing is extremely important. It helps you in knowing every bit of your sales. Apart from that, you get an overview of how your business is performing and the areas it needs to work on. There are higher chances of fixing technical issues with the help of auditing. 

Auditing has the potential to see your problems and solve them. These issues are generally related to things that could improve your conversion rate and make your website even easier to find and browse.

If you have already audited your website earlier, there are chances that you might see a drop in conversion rates or your ROI. This is the perfect time to have a comprehensive eCommerce audit performed.

What are some ways to Improve your eCommerce Audit?

Product Organization

The main idea behind having a product audit is to assess the website. It also focuses on ensuring that customers find what they are looking for. It can be performed with the help of Google Analytics. 

Talking about customer experience, product menus and categories play an important role. While customers are on your website they like to make quick decisions. In such a situation, providing a complex structure is a really bad idea. 

Always make sure that you offer attractive category descriptions for optimizing the categories. Go through the user navigation by diving into the analytics, frontend and backend of the website. Last but not least, keep your customer in mind and opt for usability tests for the same.

Content Strategy

One of the most effective ways to boost your sales is none other than impactful content. For the same reasons, you have to apply the best content strategy possible. 

Ensure to have a look at the topics that you’re working on and have covered in the past. Next, see if your blog has enough varieties or not. Are they really impressing your audiences or not? Just going through some of these points will help you understand the pain points of your customers. With this, you’ll be able to create more relatable content for them. 

If you’re into seasonal selling, make sure that your content is updated and is apt for the audience. Never forget to check the headline and the message they convey. Last but not least, pick the right tone and language for attracting the customers towards you.  

Consistency in a Copy

It is extremely essential to have quality content on all of your website pages. Doing so will aid in building the reputation of the brand and gaining trust. 

You must know that product pages have to be detailed, unique and informative. For the same, you could hire a content writer. They will make sure that your product pages turn out to be good and engage customers. Don’t ever forget to add terms & conditions along with a Delivery and Return policy on the website. 

If you’re someone who goes ahead with low-quality content, there are higher chances of you losing customers. Because there will be no personal touch which leads the customers to drift away. The best possible way to make your products different from others is to use the right word at the right place. 

Customer Experience Matters

Taking your customer feedback will help you get a deeper understanding of how they use your website. If you wish to know more about it, then you need to make use of analytics. 

Make sure to have user-friendly navigation on the website. It will lead your customers towards sales. Try to know your customers and their problems in a better way. Keep a track of the website pages that are doing well and bring in conversions. Post that analyzes them and knows what works for you and your website. 

It is essential to check your products to know about the ones that sell off quickly. Once you analyze the sales strategies, it will provide you with a better and clearer idea. 

What are the Different Types of eCommerce Audit?

There are a total of five types of audits. Each one of them has distinctive benefits. All of these eCommerce audit types are essential for the overall health of your business. Here, we bring you a list of eCommerce audits that will take you beyond your competition. 

  1. Platform Audit 
  2. Content Audit
  3. UX Audit
  4. SEO Audit
  5. CRO Audit

1. Platform Audit

When you’re picking a website platform ensure that it goes with all your needs. If your sales and website visitors are seeing a downward trend. It means that you need to migrate asap. Furthermore, you’ll have to pay a bit more than the features you’ll actually use. This issue is quite prevalent with start-ups. 

It is quite amazing when you know what’s right for you. While performing an audit, auditors generally pay attention to your business size, model and structure. They provide you with a one-stop shop within your budget. It will take care of everything, ranging from your branding to content marketing. 

2. Content Audit

Most marketers believe that content is king. It is considered to be the main foundation of your website. It comes in various forms such as blogs, press releases, product descriptions, and FAQs. 

To be honest, not all of us are writers. Generally, entrepreneurs always lag in terms of creating content that persuades, informs and boosts SEO.

The Content audit evaluates the keyword effectiveness, quality of a copy, and internal links. It is quite similar to having an editor for proofreading your work. Apart from this, they also assess whether you’re addressing the correct audience, providing important information and communicating your brand values. 

3. UX Audit

UX can make or break an eCommerce business. If your UX is on point, there are higher chances of your customer returning to you. A good UX refers to a simple-to-navigate, attractive website.

Talking about UX audit, it entails the questions as below: Is your website easy to navigate for your customers?

1. Is your website accessible?

2. Is it possible for users to recover from errors?

3. How are your products and service pages organized?

Are there consistent and visible CTAs (call to action)?

A custom-made UX audit will help in improving a user’s experience on your website. This audit brings out the pain point you had no idea about. 

4. SEO Audit

There are low chances of a user visiting your website if it’s not on the first page of Google.  To boost your rankings, you’ll have to pick the perfect SEO strategy. Generally, businesses are terrified of SEO. The reason is simple – it is an alien language of links, content analysis and authority.  But SEO audit makes it a bit simpler. 

A team of experts evaluates the must-have elements, content layout link quality, site building, and promotional techniques. This evaluation is done to make sure that your message and products stand out on the World Wide Web.

SEO audit consists of the questions as follows:

Is the product image high-quality?

How are products handled, managed and organized?

Is the content good enough tagged with correct keywords?

How intuitive is the internal linking structure?

Solving all of these issues will lead you towards having an improved website authority. After this, search engines will know that you’re a legitimate business. Consequently, they want to promote your products, services and expertise.

5. CRO Audit

If you’re getting confused with bland conversions, there is nothing to worry about. As CRO audit maps, tests and optimizes booking journeys. Besides this, it also marks your sales funnel watertight and resolves barriers to purchase, giving you quick wins that work long-term.

CRO audit consists of the following questions:

Are you making use of personalization for product recommendations?

Do you have a progress bar for tracking order complaints?

Are buy buttons and CTAs visible?

Here, the main aim is to transform fussy eCommerce businesses into a dream shopping experience. Undoubtedly, CRO audits should be your top priority. There is no use in creating quality content and high-quality visuals if people cannot buy your products or services.


The key to having a successful eCommerce business is to keep auditing them at a fixed interval of times. ECommerce audit will provide you with the much-needed guidance for a business to grow and reach new heights of success. 

We hope this blog will help you in the audit of your eCommerce website. If you have any questions regarding this topic or blog, please feel free to write in the comments.

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